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Untitled (I think of you all the time)
Untitled (I think of you all the time)
archival inkjet prints on acrylic panels
22” x 22” x 36”

Making use of personal associations with the object and landscape featured in the diptych, this piece was originally intended as a commentary on love and labor. But as the circumstances inspiring the work changed throughout the course of its production, it took on new meaning, and that change became the subject of the work. I wanted to produce a work that self-consciously rejects its own meaning to arrive at a point of ambivalence, where its formal qualities are the only thing left to make meaning out of. This piece was an exploration of how the meaning a work of art can dilate, contract, or totally transform long before it physically materializes, and a formal comparison of internal and external, concentrated and open spaces, and abstraction through closeness and distance.