Alice Bucknell is an artist and writer based in London. Her research-based practice moves through and across mediums to probe questions of identity and place in the wake of globalization and digital cultures. Central to her practice are the ideas of u/dys-topia, the hybrid, android, and the cyborg, nostalgia and retromania, global cities, and the socio-cultural effects and affects of virtual reality and the Cloud.

Her work has appeared as installation, moving image, sculpture, audio, and as print and digital text. Her research practice surveys the obsession with ruination and abandonment aesthetics within contemporary culture and film, themes of fantasy, emptiness, and cultural amnesia in the global city, and the influence of Smart devices, virtual reality, and mapping software on our understanding of identity and place. She works predominantly from and within the voids of Florida, Detroit, and Berlin.

She earned BA degrees in Anthropology and Visual Art at the University of Chicago and was offered a DAAD fellowship for her research on the voids of Berlin. She has exhibited in multiple galleries in Chicago, Berlin, and London as well as several pop-up installations in Detroit. In 2014 she participated in the Agora Collective's AFFECT residency, where she produced the text "Unbreaken," which was published by Broken Dimanche Press and is currently sold and exhibited internationally.

In 2014 she also founded the US-based branch of TOUGH LOVE, an international digital artist collective. She assisted in the production of Log 35 (Autumn 2015) where her work "Berlin's Pipe Dreams: Half-Asleep in the Swamp City" appears. Most recently, she took part in a collaborative exhibition DUPLICITIES in the South London-based Backroom Gallery as part of Peckham 24, and her research project "Imaginary Architectures" was published in Volume 25 of Cambridge's Annual Architecture Review (June 2016).

Her written work has been taught in university courses in New York and Berlin, and she has presented her research at conferences in New York and Chicago. Most recently she was awarded an International Scholarship to complete a Masters Degree in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths University. She currently works at Commissioning Editor at Artifice books on architecture and is a frequent contributor to a number of digital and print magazines including Wallpaper*, Temporary Art Review, Little White Lies, and The Spaces.

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Welded steel, acrylic, plywood, cast resin, LED lighting, printed video stills