Alice Bucknell

I’m an artist, writer, editor, and Floridian currently based in London. I report on art, architecture, and digital culture among other things, and contribute to a range of digital and print publications including the Architectural Review, Artsy, artnet News, frieze, Elephant, Metropolis, VICE, and Wallpaper.

I'm interested in technology, cosmology, activism and off-modern architecture; mass systems of production, mediated systems of interaction, surface appeal and global cities, as well as tropical aesthetics and soft capitalism. I use my training as a social anthropologist to dig into subcultural movements occuring online and away from the screen to better understand the direction that contemporary art and architecture (and their dissidents) are moving.

My research on urban voids has been taught in university courses in New York and Berlin, and I have presented research at conferences in Lisbon, New York, and Chicago, most recently the Post-Internet Cities International Conference organized by the MAAT Museum and e-flux Architecture in Lisbon, where I presented the paper: Who Rules the Digital City?

My visual work has appeared as installation, moving image, sculpture, audio, and as print and digital text, and has been exhibited in galleries in London, Berlin, Chicago, and Detroit.

Upcoming print features:

Tropical Hangover: Florida's Alt-Real Art Party
Art Papers : Virtual Reality (March 2018)

Future Love
Elephant: Issue 34 (March 2018)

Forensic Architecture: Practising Activism
Icon Eye (March 2018)

Night Fever: Designing Club Culture
Metropolis Magazine (April 2018)

Agenda: Paul Maheke at Chisenhale
Mousse Magazine (April 2018)

Exit Strategies: Spirituality and Space Tourism in Late Capitalism
Migrant Journal : Darkness (May 2018)