VIDEO: High From Miami Beach

High From Miami Beach (2018)

Run time: 8 min 9 sec

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A journalist attending Art Basel Miami Beach hallucinates the ghost of Gianni Versace. Appearing at the iconic Clevelander Club on South Beach's Art Deco-encrusted neon strip of Ocean Drive Boulevard, Versace leads the narrator on an epic walk through the seedy nightclubs and sparkling sales booths of South Beach. Adopting a non-linear, strung-out chronology rife with halluciogenic hedonism and stark commentary on the art world's operations, the duo traverse the boulevards and unpack Miami's superficial complexes and soul-searching. They travel back in time to trace the history of tropical aesthetics, and its perceived exoticism as a tool of colonization throughout Western history, up to its use and abuse in present-day Miami. Loosely inspired by "A Supermarket in California," an equally trippy encounter with Allan Ginsberg by Walt Whitman.